Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama on A-Rod: "Tarnishes an entire era"

During his first prime time press conference as Commander-in-Chief President Obama was asked to comment on Yankees 3rd basemen Alex Rodriguez's admission that he used performance enhancing drugs in the years 2001-2003.

Obama gave a thoughtful and assertive answer, saying that he thought it was "depressing news on top of what's been a flurry of depressing items when it comes to Major League Baseball."

The President, who is a fan of the Chicago White Sox, said that he was concerned about the message of athletes taking illegal drugs was sending to kids.  He said he hoped that kids look at the situation and learn from the mistakes of these over indulged and over paid athletes 
by saying "it's not worth it."

Bet A-Rod's thinking that same thing right about now.

Note: The reporter who asked the President the question is Washington Post correspondent Michael Fletcher, a B.U. alumnus.

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