Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fill in the Blank

Photos of Alex Rodriguez's Yankee teammates as they watched him field questions from the media about his PED use.  This is what I think they were thinking about.

Chamberlain- "This is really taking the heat off my DUI."

Texiera- "Where am I gonna eat tonight? I really wanna go to Fleming's but I just had steak last night..."

Tomko- "That Pettitte is one snappy dresser."

Wang- "They call this a media circus? I get this from the Taiwanese reporters alone when I have my acrylic nail put on."

Posada- "Maldición si va esto cualquier it' más largo; s que va a cortar en mi tiempo de la te."

Pettitte- "Dude, is this shirt too much?"

Jeter- "Uhh..."

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