Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Meet the Press

Alex Rodriguez is about to meet a slew of media in front of George M. Steinbrenner field, the Yankees Tampa spring training facility.  

This'll be A-Rod's first time talking with reporters since his admission to using PEDs last week to ESPN's Peter Gammons.  However this time the questions will not be monitored and Rodriguez will not be in the familiar confines of his Tampa condo.  

I hope that he is asked blunt questions to fill all the holes from his Gammons interview.  It seemed that that "interview" (more like a scripted segment) created more questions than it answered.  Among the estimated 200 journalists expected at the press conference Selena Roberts, who broke the steroid story for SI, and who Rodriguez referred to as "that woman", will be among the crowd.  

The news conference is just starting now, Rodriguez is sitting at a table in front of a New York Yankees banner with manager Joe Girardi and GM Brian Cashman on his right and Yankee Media Relation Director Jason Zillo on his left.

You can already hear the flashbulbs going off...

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