Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jeter defends (?) A-Rod

Anyone else convinced?  Yeah, me neither.

It's no big secret that Derek Jeter looks at Alex Rodriguez more like an annoying distant relative than a brother.  Ever since A-Rod bashed Jeter in an Esquire interview right after signing his then-record $252 million deal with the Texas Rangers Jeter, who once called A-Rod a great friend, has kept his distance.  

Everyone who knows Jeter knows that he keeps a small circle of confidantes.  That includes teammate Jorge Posada, former player Gerald Williams and his childhood friends.  For all of his flash and big city cache, Jeter is really a low-profile kind of guy.  

Wednesday Jeter did his job as team captain.  He commended Alex for telling the truth, asked the media to please move forward and tried to direct as much attention as he could onto baseball.  But he did it a little coldly, a little detached, a little business-like.

And I didn't expect anything more.

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